The World's Most Advanced, Affordable Master Clock

You can hear the difference with the GENx192 Ultra Low Jitter Studio Master Clock

Let's face it, all jitter is measurable - We know, we've taken the measurements. The GENx192 is quite simply the most advanced affordable Master Clock ever made. We use extremely low jitter crystal oscillators internally, and a pair of VCOs (voltage controlled oscillators) to convert any input frequency to a rock solid output. Any frequency input, that is, between 28 kHz and 216 kHz.

A synthesized clock is not better - We rely on JIF (Jitter Input Filtering) on the input signal to remove jitter before sending it to the outputs. This is state-of-the-art technology that works. The signal comes in as a jittery clock and is converted to a DC control voltage that drives the oscillators. The GENx192 simply outputs a clean, jitter-free signal.

Flexible format conversion - External AES and Word clock inputs are simultaneously converted to AES, Word clock and S/PDIF outputs. It's that simple. Plus, we handle multiple sample rate conversion. For example, if you input 96 kHz the GENx192 Master Clock can simultaneously output 48 kHz and 192 kHz... it's that easy.

Room to grow - The GENx192 Master Clock can synchronize up to 14 external devices at one time.

Dropouts, not a problem - If the input signal goes away, the GENx192 will simply switch to its internal oscillator and generate a rock solid clock. Dropouts are not a problem for the GENx192, period.

Termination issues are not an issue with TS-75 - Elaborate audio clock chains are often improperly terminated. The GENx192 features TS-75, 75-Ohm input/output termination and tri-state LEDs that indicate proper or improper termination on all Word clock connections. Troubleshooting is a breeze. Proper termination is easily achieved.

The world's easiest interface - Our competition uses a complicated user interface. We keep it simple. No menus, no scrolling, just a simple user interface. You'll be sync'd and ready to go in no time.


Single rack space ultra low jitter studio master clock. Applications: Studio, Broadcast, Post-Production, Live Sound.

Eight (8) Word Clock, four (4) AES clock, and two (2) S/PDIF outputs; Word Clock and AES clock inputs.

Simultaneously generate/distribute multiple sample rates between the two output banks.

Generate 44.1-192 kHz, distribute 28-216 kHz.

TS-75: Automatic Word Clock termination sensing and indication.

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